OpenXC applications on Android are merely Android applications that use the OpenXC Android library to receive and parse data from a vehicle interface. Android is one of a few options for writing applications using OpenXC.

A Bluetooth vehicle interface is the most widely supported by Android devices, so it is the recommended interface.

The OpenXC Enabler application handles the actual communication to the Vehicle Interface. You don’t need to add any extra code to your application to communicate via Bluetooth.

When using a Bluetooth-equipped vehicle interface, the Android host device must run Android 2.2 or greater (i.e. API level 8).

Alternatively, if you wish to hard-wire to the vehicle interface with a USB connection, the Android host device must:

  • Run Android 3.0 or greater (i.e. API level 12) if you plan to use the standard USB vehicle interface.
  • Support USB host mode or USB OTG - Some tablets offer a full-size USB port and others are compatible with USB OTG adapters. that attach to the micro-USB port normally used for charging.

For a partial list of supported Android devices, see the supported devices page in the wiki. If you’ve used another device successfully (or unsuccessfully), feel free to update the wiki.