Git and GitHub Tutorials

If you are new to Git and/or GitHub, it is recommended you review the following resources, put together by the experts at GitHub.

Use the GitHub Issue Tracking System

Prior to making a change, use the GitHub Issues for the repository for which you would like to make changes. This opens intended changes up for internal discussion with other contributors which leads to better overall solutions.

Create new issues for changes you would like to make.

Contribute to existing issues as a way to start developing within the repository.

Make use of GitHub Mentions and References

To keep comments, issues, and pull requests organized, use GitHub Mentions and GitHub References.

Using the @user_name mention notifies the user with username, user_name, that they have been “mentioned”.

Using the #issue_number reference in other issues and pull requests allows users to notify each other that those issues and pull requests are related.

Read the Repo’s README Section

Each OpenXC Repository has a detailed README section with details helpful to perspective contributors. Read the README section of any repository to which you plan to contribute. Examples of these README sections: