This page serves as a home for example projects built on the OpenXC platform. If you have a project of your own, fork the project on GitHub (that’s this site!), add a new page for your project with links to the code and hardware schematics (if you have them) and send a pull request. We will include as many well documented, functional projects as we can.

Don’t miss the creative projects from OpenXC hackathons and other events, too.

Research Projects

  • EV Coach - Michigan Tech and Ford partenered to create a user-friendly mobile application and tool to help drivers become more efficient when driving Ford’s Electric Vehicles. This project makes use of Google Firebase and Google Wearables.

  • MSU Biometrics - Sample mobility applications using fingerprint scanner on your Android device. There are two sample applications: family car sharing and a dynamic shuttle.

    • My Car - This prototype application is developed to emulate car setting personalization based on user authentication on a smartphone.
    • Car State - A complementary application for the MyCar application to show current car settings, and settings after a user has been authenticated.

    • Dynamic Shuttle Ride - The Dynamic Shuttle Ride app is an android application that was developed to emulate an on demand shuttle service app to prototype new features and functionality.
    • Dynamic Shuttle - The DynamicShuttle application emulates a QR scanner that would be used on a shuttle to scan the boarding pass of the passengers.

    The links above to the GitHub repositories provide further details.

  • WIMXWAYNE - WiMAX Prototyping in Metro Detroit: Integrating GENI Engineering with Wireless Network Applications and Science.

  • Stanford Senior Design Project, 2013 - A senior capstone design project of four Stanford Mechanical Engineering Candidates during Spring 2013