Open settings in Open XC IOS APP

OpenXC IOS App

Click “Recording”

OpenXC IOS App Recording

Enable “Output to”
Make a note of Thing-name

OpenXC IOS App Thing_name

Enter thing-name from previous step to read dweets from the device

Above steps should display data on website to ensure the device is able to send dweets to and proceed with freeboard dashboards ios dashboard ios dashboard image2

Users can click on freeboard text to navigate to and sign up / login on the page

freeboard image1

After finishing registration on, users can create custom dashboards:

freeboard image2

NAME “anything of your choice”
Enter any preferred name for custom dashboard
You will navigate to the new dashboard

freeboard dashboard

Click on ADD (below DATASOURCES) to select the source for the data
Select TYPE as
NAME “anything of your choice”
THING NAME : "enter thing name which is assigned in the first step"
KEY: "optional"
SHOW FULL PAYLOAD: NO (default choice)
Click on SAVE

freeboard dashboard image2

Click on + icon to configure details displaying data.

freeboard dashboard image3

Select TYPE: Gauge
TITLE: Vehicle Speed
VALUE: datasources["v2"]["vehicle_speed"]
UNITS: miles/hr

While configuring engine speed and accelerator pedal position, use DATASOURCE hyperlink available next the textbox which will auto populate text for selecting DATASOURCE and autocomplete all the available parameters.

freeboard dashboard image4

Graph displayed below:

freeboard dashboard image5