The OpenXC functionality is exposed via a Swift library that includes some iOS services your application can use. The library is available on GitHub in the openxc-ios-framework repository

  1. Follow Apple’s excellent instructions to download and install XCode.
  2. Clone the openxc-ios-framework repository using Git. If you don’t already have Git installed, GitHub has a good reference for all platforms.
  3. Initialize the submodules by running command git submodule update --init --recursive. The project includes 2 modules: the openxc ios framework and the protobuf framework.
  4. Open the project in XCode. You should be able to point it at the openxc-ios-framework directory to open an existing project.

That’s it! You can now proceed to the next steps to start using the framework in your project.

Once you have the framework set up, you can start writing your first OpenXC app using the App Tutorial. If you are having trouble, check out the troubleshooting steps.